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Pump control in piston pumps

Mechanical pump control

Emmerich diaphragm pumps are equipped with an integrated, automated pressure-volume adjustment as standard, which is customized to the capacity of a filterpress.

Due to a variable amplitude motion of the diaphragm, the flow rate varies with a constant nominal speed of the piston diaphragm pump.

A frequency converter and an associated control unit are not required.

Frequency converters

By employing frequency converters the pump properties of the piston diaphragm pump can be variably adjusted to any process. An integration into an existing control system is no problem, because the operation of the pump requires no more than a frequency signal at the motor. In times of rising energy costs this is an investment that amortises itself within a brief time.

The frequency converters used by EMMERICH are noted not only for their simple installation and the diversity of its possibilities. Its strength lies in its power that allows it to work against full feed pressure. Thanks to the effective method of operation, new dimensions concerning breakaway torque and smooth development of force are attained. Furthermore the intelligent functionality ensures a careful handling of resources.

Using an optional touchpanel, measured values from external sensors as well as directly from the frequency converter can be read out and displayed.