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Quality assurance

Prüfstand Emmerich Kolben-Membranpumpen


The SCC (“Safety Certificate Contractors”) certification system was developed to standardize the safety requirements for external companies that provide technical services on the premises of mineral oil processing companies or the chemical industry.

In the meantime, SCC has firmly established itself as an internationally recognized standard in safety, health and environmental protection management across all sectors.

We offer you this internationally recognized certification of our service staff.

As a certified company, JOSEF EMMERICH PUMPENFABRIK GmbH ensures the quality of its products in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Pressure Equipment

As a welding-technically certified company according to EN ISO 3834-3, we manufacture pressure vessels.
We meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive AD 2000 leaflet HP0.

Quality control

Ongoing quality checks are carried out at every workplace. Thanks to the documented dimensional control, the creation of each individual component can be traced.

Test runs

All manufactured pumps are checked on our processor-controlled test floor.


During the development of new designs, we are in close contact with research institutions and clients.
Test series with verifications of the innovations take place in our plant.

QA and GTC